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How can i make a class method with variable length parameters, in Objective-C?

For example, a method like -arrayWithObjects:

NSArray *array = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"1", @"2", @"3", nil];
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What you need is a variadic function. These functions take a flexible number of arguments, like NSLog, [NSArray arrayWithObjects:...], etc.

See this tutorial:


Copied from my answer here: Obj-C, trying to write an alternative to NSLog, but I want my function to concatenate like NSLog ?

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Take a look at varargs, e.g.: Apple Technical Q&A QA1405. It shouldn't matter whether the method is a class method or not.

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Methods that take variable arguments are known as variadic methods. The "..." is the variable argument.
For example, your function declaration would be: - (void)specialWithX:(NSInteger)x y:(NSInteger)y, ...;

For additional information take a look at Variable argument lists in Cocoa

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