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Is it possible to implement a JMS message queue in Scala using the Akka framework?

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Scala, not SCALA. No need to shout. –  James Iry Mar 28 '11 at 14:28
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Yes, presumably. All you'd need is the ability to support the JMS interfaces, and since Scala can implement Java interfaces and extend Java classes...

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It looks like it from here:

Since version 0.7, Akka offers a new feature that let actors send and receive messages over a great variety of protocols and APIs. In addition to the native Scala actor API, actors can now exchange messages with other systems over large number of protcols and APIs such as HTTP, SOAP, TCP, FTP, SMTP or JMS, to mention a few. At the moment, approximately 80 protocols and APIs are supported. This new feature is provided by Akka's Camel module.

(my emphasis)

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