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I am new to JIRA. I have multiple customers, which I want to have READ only access to their own certain projects. (for instance customer X can access project Y only) The rest, I dont want them to see. In addition, I have developers that I want them to have READ/WRITE permissions.

I didn't quite understand the Permissions Schemes and the Roles and the Project setup to create such scenario.

(READ, WRITE permissions I mean for VIEW only and CREATE TICKETS etc...)


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Francis nailed it. Also… has more about the difference between JIRA groups and JIRA project roles. ~Matt – mdoar Mar 29 '11 at 19:44
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Provide them only browse permission, but nothing else. Best is to use project roles to do so, such that you don't need a specific permission scheme per project.

- Create a role 'Customer'
- Create a permission scheme 'Customer Project Permission scheme'
- Configure the permission scheme such that
    - The customer role has browse permissions
    - The developer role has all other (applicable) permissions 
        such as edit, move ...
- Link the permission scheme to a project
- Configure the project such that 
    - the userid(s) of your customer(s) appear as a member 
         of the project role 'customer'.
    - the userid(s) of your developer(s) appear as a member 
         of the project role 'developers'

Check The Atlassian guys are way better than me to explain this stuff.

Hope this helps,


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thanks, thats what i did – Himberjack Mar 28 '11 at 12:58

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