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i am developing andriod app. On GUI development, I have issue how to test if GUI works on different Android phones (i mean with different screen size, density and etc). How i can check if everything is correct?

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You are asking for the hardest thing to do in Android development :)

  1. Read Supporting Multiple Screens.
  2. If you are targeting motorola devices, here are a bunch of SDK addons for the emulator.
  3. If you need to test a specific device, you can try using perfectomobile.
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Can't you test that with the emulator?

You'll have to create multiple AVDs ("Android Virtual Devices") with the settings you want for Resolution, Density and so on.

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I usually use two steps:

  1. Create a few emulators with different screen-sizes and versions of Android.
  2. After succesfully testing step 1 I hand out my app to some friends with different Android phones and let them test my app.
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Pretty much what I do too. –  Klaus Mar 28 '11 at 12:23

You can test your android app. without using any mobile phone.. Just go through the link(if your app is using flash) here..

Or See another tool

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You can download various skins available in this. and test your Application –  Kartik Mar 31 '11 at 5:45

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