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How can i detect when user select an item of tab bar? I want to run some commands on each time, when user select the second or the thirt tab bar view.

(I have a tab bar based project, and the viewcontrollers for tabBar items are selected in interface builder)

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I solved this problem with using"viewWillApear:(BOOL)animated" method in each view-s of tabBar.

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viewWillApear:(BOOL)animated not getting called –  virata Mar 12 '12 at 10:52

There is a method in UITabBarDelegate called:

- (void)tabBar:(UITabBar *)tabBar didSelectItem:(UITabBarItem *)item; 

You can certainly do what you want with ;)

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A tab bar and tab bar controller both have delegate methods: UITabBarDelegate and UITabBarControllerDelegate. You can use the tabBar:didSelectItem: method of the UITabBarDelegate to detect when the user selects different items on the bar.

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