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i have this on my view:

<%= link_to "shirts", things_path (:scope => "shirts" ) %>

this on my controller

@products = Product.send(params[:scope])

however i would like to use chained scopes such as:

<%= link_to "shirts", products_path (:scope => "" )  %>

but for some reason that doesnt work.

Probably my syntax is wrong?

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Try this

<%= link_to "shirts", products_path (:scope => "" ) %>


@products = Product.scoped
params[:scope].split(".").each{|scope| @products = @products.send(scope)}
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This introduces serious vulnerability - what if I user added delete_all as 'scope' param? Please refer to answer by BitOfUniverse and validate user input. – Toms Mikoss Jan 13 '14 at 13:21

If you gonna use params as argument for send method, don't forget to check it by the whitelist of scopes:

safe_scopes = %w(shirts pants boots blue red yellow)

and then you can go with fl00r's soulution:

@products = Product.scoped
params[:scope].split(".").each{|scope| @products = @products.send(scope) if safe_scopes.include?(scope)}

because someone will try to send ?scope=shirts.destroy_all to your controller or smth else.

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+1 for validation. But I would rewrite your chain: params[:scope].split(".").select{|s| safe_scope.include? s}.each{|scope| @products = @products.send(scope) } – fl00r Mar 28 '11 at 13:29
(params[:scope].split('.') & safe_scopes).each{|scope| @products = @products.send(scope) } shorter way – BitOfUniverse Mar 28 '11 at 14:07

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