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I have a view model containing a command where I want to add a new view to my shell's MainRegion (a tab control).

Seems to be that I need to use view injection rather than discovery which is fine.

i.e. from the prism documentation

IRegionManager regionManager = ...;
IRegion mainRegion = regionManager.Regions["MainRegion"];
NewView view = this.container.Resolve<NewView>();

How and where do I get a reference to the CompositionContainer in my view model in order to resolve NewView?


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This question is effectively the same as yours.

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Thanks. I see that the example you show is using the unity container. I'm using MEF. Just wondered when where I set the export on my container. Currently I'm not overriding the createcontainer / configurecontainer methods in my bootstrapper... –  obaylis Mar 28 '11 at 14:02
@obaylis - You would need to override CreateContainer, like shown here (at the end). –  CodeNaked Mar 28 '11 at 14:07
Thanks. I exported the CompositionContainer from my bootstrapper. Export needed to be static for it to work. Once that was done, I could import the CompositionContianer in my view model. –  obaylis Mar 29 '11 at 15:15

The default MEF container exports itself by IServieLocator. You may import service locator and region manager in your view model:

private IRegionManager _regionManager;

private IServiceLocator _serviceLocator;

And then use it for view injection:

public void ShowSomeView()
    IRegion region = _regionManager.Regions["Main"];
    var view = _serviceLocator.GetInstance(typeof(SomeView));
    region.Add(view, "SomeView");
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This should have been the accepted answer. –  glebd Aug 8 at 10:30

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