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Is it possible to define an object $response without the $?

My code will look something like this:

jQuery.get("", { action: "getNextID" }, function(data) {
  var $response = jQuery(data);
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Yes............! – Salman A Mar 28 '11 at 12:35

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there's no functional difference between $response and response. $ in jQuery is nothing magic, just a reference to jQuery; also, using $variable in jQuery script is nothing more then a pattern which denotes jQuery object-likeys.

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you can call it whatever you wish. the $ prefix is usually just a convention to denote which objects are of the jquery wrapper type (to differentiate them from DOM elements/primitive types). Makes life a bit easier, but won't have any affect on whether you have noConflict() on or not

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$response is just a variable name that happens to start with a $. It has nothing to do with jQuery. You can call the variable anything you like - with or without a $.

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