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I am trying to randomise the order of a series of elements for a websites homepage.

Imagine we have 3 titles to display on this page.

$title1 = 'the first title';
$title2 = 'the second title';
$title3 = 'the third title';

Now on the HTML file we want to display these but in a random order and never repeating one element.

<div id='titleholder1'> [ randomly show either $title1, $title2 or $title3 ] </div>
<div id='titleholder2'> [ randomly show either $title1, $title2 or $title3 ] </div>
<div id='titleholder3'> [ randomly show either $title1, $title2 or $title3 ] </div>


Also it must avoid ever repeating $title1 $title2 or $title 3 on the page.

Any ideas,



What would we need to do if we had more than one element.

$title1 = 'the first title';    $info1 = 'the first info';
    $title2 = 'the second title';     $info2 = 'the second info';
    $title3 = 'the third title';    $info3 = 'the third info';

Same principle but obviously $info1 and $title1 need to stay together and be shuffled together.

Any ideas

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Put the text into an array and shuffle it.

$titles[] = 'one';
$titles[] = 'two';
$titles[] = 'three';


<div class="titleholder1"><?php echo $titles[0];?></div>
<div class="titleholder2"><?php echo $titles[1];?></div>
<div class="titleholder3"><?php echo $titles[2];?></div>


$webpage[] = array('info' => 'first info', 'title' => 'first title');
$webpage[] = array('info' => 'second info', 'title' => 'second title');
$webpage[] = array('info' => 'thrid info', 'title' => 'third title');
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I have updated my question as although that solved the example. We beed ti know what to do with additional elements – Robin Knight Mar 28 '11 at 12:49
you need a multi-dimensional array, I'll update my answer... – Alan Whitelaw Mar 28 '11 at 12:52
Marvellous, well done – Robin Knight Mar 28 '11 at 14:25

Put them into an array and shuffle it using shuffle:

$titles = array($title1, $title2, $title3);
foreach ($titles as $i => $title) {
    echo '<div id="titleholder'.($i+1).'">'.htmlspecialchars($title).'</div>';
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Ummm... array_shuffle? Really? – awm Mar 28 '11 at 12:35
@awm: Fixed it; it’s just shuffle. – Gumbo Mar 28 '11 at 12:36
Cheers. :) And +1 for pointing out the obvious need for a loop. – awm Mar 28 '11 at 12:41

You can copy the strings to an array and then call shuffle function which randomly shuffles the array.

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