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Im seeing some strangeness with the GTE CyberTrust Global Root on android 2.1 and 2.2.

If i add the cert using the CertificateInstaller from a WebView it claims the cert is a 'user certificate' and puts it in the user store:

From the android source i can see: cert location = KEYSTORE_SPACE + Credentials.USER_CERTIFICATE

If i add a self signed CA cert it adds it to the correct store: cert location = KEYSTORE_SPACE + Credentials.CA_CERTIFICATE

So, im using ca_cert from wifiManager for EAP wireless auth source:

public EnterpriseField ca_cert = new EnterpriseField("ca_cert");

If i set it to "keystore://CACERT_gteCert" it fails.

If i set it to "keystore://USRCERT_getCert" is works.

Any ideas on this behavior?

Its going to make programming a wpa_supplicant configuration app for non rooted devices difficult. Im hoping i misunderstand something?

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