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I want to make a simple file browser app for iPhone. (Like iFile in Cydia) It's not a just view Documents folder, it can see all directories in the iPhone/iPod Touch File System. Like a Finder on Mac/Explorer on the Windows.

Who can help me?

P.S. I'll publish to Cydia Store, not App Store.

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You're going to need the iPhone SDK up and running and you're going to want to go over the NSFileManager documentation.

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You can't do this if you want to publish to the app store. You are not allowed to access files outside of your own sandbox.

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I don't want to publish to App Store, I'll publish to Cydia Store... – Sookcha Mar 28 '11 at 13:10

iOS apps operate in their own little sandboxes -- they can't see into other apps' directories. So unless you're writing an app for a jailbroken device, you're out of luck.

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