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I have rar extensions installed on php using xampp go-pear

It shown in php info that rar is enabled.

My code is following

$rar_file = rar_open('htdocs.rar') or die("Can't open Rar archive");

$entries = rar_list($rar_file);

foreach ($entries as $entry) {
    echo 'Filename: ' . $entry->getName() . "\n";
    echo 'Packed size: ' . $entry->getPackedSize() . "\n";
    echo 'Unpacked size: ' . $entry->getUnpackedSize() . "\n";




rar_open causes apache to crash. if i comment out rar_open, apache wont crash and run as normal.

Anyone know what make it crash?


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There is an open bug here that describes the issue you're having. Fixing this should be a simple PECL library upgrade.

Current CVS version includes 3.7.8; if you have an older one, you might want to wait for PECL Win32 builds to reappear and try with newer version of the extension.

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Unfortunately (which is where the Windows PECL builds appear) is down for the moment (not sure when they'll be bringing it back up either). – Ross Feb 13 '09 at 16:23

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