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Looking for a low volume, probably no more that 20-30 users, Open Source message/bulletin board. Obviously must be written in something which our web server supports, PHP/Python/Ruby etc. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Nick

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and lots more. The above are designed to handle very large boards, but can be used with low traffic websites. All PHP

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PhpBB free and open Source, requires MySQL. Great for running on run-of-the-mill LAMP configurations.

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I would use Vanilla forums in your case. It has a great API for integrating into other projects as well.

Or if you prefer the more traditional forum layout see PunBB.

I would not recommend phpBB for a low volume forum as it is more complicated to setup and maintain. It is also a much larger app and not lightweight at all.

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PhpBB is an excellent. It's very easy to set up and has many great features, but it is more difficult to customize right out of the box. For a superfast "community" solution, try using WordPress with the BuddyPress plugin.

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I can recommend MyLittleForum. It's actually not a board, but a forum, but one of the views (with compacted threads) looks pretty much board-like.

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