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I'm looking for a way to animate the drawing of a stroke with HTML canvas.

Is there anything pre-defined that allows you to do this?

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I do not know any pre-defined solution. Maybe in a lib. like raphael

But if you know your stroke (x,y-positions of the pixels). You can set the x and y position in an array and use the array for the animation of painting a stroke...

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Thanks for your response Mika, so I'd have to draw the stroke a bit at a time using a setInterval to go through each item in the array? Rather than being able to animate the drawing of the stroke? –  Tom Dickie Mar 28 '11 at 21:28
Or use requestAnimationFrame (paulirish.com/2011/requestanimationframe-for-smart-animating) if you support only newer browser –  Mika Mar 29 '11 at 5:23

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