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Anyone know how I can return the following information from my Google analytics account using GAPI?

GA account

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You can get the total page views and compute the percentages yourself... –  Matt Crinklaw-Vogt Mar 28 '11 at 14:40

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You need to use the pagePath dimension and the pageviews metric. Try something like the following:

require 'gapi.class.php';

$gaEmail = 'youremail@email.com';
$gaPassword = 'your password';
$profileId = 'your profile id';

$dimensions = array('pagePath');
$metrics = array('pageviews');

$ga = new gapi($gaEmail, $gaPassword);

$ga->requestReportData($profileId, $dimensions, $metrics, $sortMetric, $filter, $startDate, $endDate, $startIndex, $maxResults);

$totalPageviews = $ga->getPageviews();

foreach ($ga->getResults() as $result) {
    $pageviews = $result->getPageviews();
    $percentPageviews = round(($result->getPageviews()/$totalPageviews)*100,2);
    print "$result:$pageviews:$percentPageviews\n";

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Perfect, thanks a million! –  JazzHands Mar 28 '11 at 15:38

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