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All that I need is to split the wiki template call to parameter parts. In the very basic scenario it is just splitting by | so {{template|unnamed_parameter|param1=value1}} would be split to {{template, unnamed_parameter, param1=value1 and }}.

But things are complicating when the pipe character is used for other purposes like for wikilinks [[link|title]] etc.

Any suggestions how to do this task in the easiest way? :)

Update: Sorry for possible misunderstanding but {{template|unnamed_parameter|param1=value1}} is just an example. For more information about wiki templates you can look at the following resource: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Templates

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Please look at this Q&A: How can I fix this wiki link parsing regular expression?

My answer (in Update section) there using perl regex is doing pretty much similar Wiki link parsing.


Alright here is the perl regex for your case:

echo "{{template|unnamed_parameter|param1=value1}}" |  \
perl -pe 's#(^|\b)((?![|\[]){{(.+?)\|(.+?)\|(.+?)}}(?![|\]]))($|\b)#{{$3, $4, $5 and }}#g'

Output: {{template, unnamed_parameter, param1=value1 and }}

Q: are you sure you need and here before closing }} otherwise just edit above regex:

And now checking above solution against string [[link|title]]

echo "[[link|title]]" |  \
perl -pe 's#(^|\b)((?![|\[]){{(.+?)\|(.+?)\|(.+?)}}(?![|\]]))($|\b)#{{$3, $4, $5 and }}#g'

Output: [[link|title]] # remains unchanged as per your requirements
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Sorry, see my update to the very question. –  DixonD Mar 29 '11 at 13:41
@DixonD: Would it be possible for you to extract various template calls from the page you've linked and list them in your original question here. –  anubhava Mar 29 '11 at 13:48
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regex that assumes your wiki template has always 3 parts:
update to exclude false match to template {{template|[[link|name]]}}

regex:       \{\{(.+?)\|[^\[]{2}(.+?)\|(.+?)[^\]]{2\}\}
replacment:  $1,$2,$3
input:       {{template|unnamed_parameter|param1=value1}}
output:      template,unnamed_parameter,param1=value1

it's a simple regex using reluctant quantifiers and escaping the "special" meaning of {}| using \
by including \{\{ \}\} to the regex you avoid matches on [[ ]] pattern.

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Your regex fails even for {{template|[[link|name]]}} –  DixonD Mar 28 '11 at 15:32
changing to \{\{(.+?)\|[^\[]{2}(.+?)\|(.+?)[^\]]{2\}\} will exclude the match for {{template|[[link|name]]}} –  bw_üezi Mar 28 '11 at 18:39
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