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I have a string with a ~ in it and using the expression



:%s/~/ /g

This doesn't seem to work any ideas?

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Doh! guess I need more coffee this morning. That should have occured to me. Thanks everyone. – Jeremy E Mar 28 '11 at 14:47
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The symbol ~ matches the previous substitute string (see :help /~), so you need to prefix it with a backslash:

:%s/\~/ /g
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You just need to escape it with a backslash:

:%s/\~/ /g
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Im too slow ;( Too many people on this site lol. – eat_a_lemon Mar 28 '11 at 14:40

Need to use a backslash for the tilde.

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In case anyone else copies a tilde from, e.g., microsoft word, you might also need to search for character 8764 / Hex 223c / Octal 21074 (the ascii tilde is 126/Hex 7e/Octal 176). You can enter that by typing <ctrl-V> u 223c (see for details on entering character codes)

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