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i am looking for tools that can help me to create UI mockups for Android mobile. Is there any application that can do this? Thx.

Free Tools

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Hey your best bet is 'Pencil':


Roman Nurik a Google Developer Advocate has written templates for this UI creator so you can simply drag and drop to create a mock up:

http://code.google.com/p/android-ui-utils/ (This has it all)

Using Pencil with these templates lets you do things like this: Sample

You can now also create device frames to put mock's into here: (using Android Asset Studio)


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You no longer need to download android-ui-utils. They have the stencils on their own website that you can download from pencil.evolus.vn/en-US/Downloads/Stencils.aspx. –  Marcel Tjandraatmadja Sep 10 '12 at 0:25
Finally, i found out that the best way to make a good prototype is to learn android UI/UX design and design patterns, implement it using XML and Java and take snapshots for the emulator.That give more control over the UI and a clearer UX and workflow. –  Brahim Boulkriat Aug 5 at 11:49

You definitely need to take a look at Justinmind. They have lots of libraries to make highly interactive prototypes. The prototypes can even run on a real Android. Take a look at this example.

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Info for Linux users - No Linux version of this tool –  sandalone Aug 19 '13 at 12:45

WireframeSketcher is a rapid wireframing tool I am developing. It's not free but I think it's well adapted for Android mockups. There is an Android stencil that will get you most common components. Since you are probably using Eclipse you will like that WireframeSketcher comes as an Eclipse plug-in. So it will fit perfectly in your existing environment.

Android Stencil for WireframeSketcher

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