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I have a script that starts up a DRb service, before spawning a handler object and waiting via DRb.thread.join. I would like the script to run until explicitly killed, so I added

trap "INT" do

which successfully stops the DRb service and exits under Ruby 1.8, but under 1.9 seems to deadlock (on OS X 10.6.7). Sampling the process shows a couple of threads spinning in semaphore_wait_signal_trap.

I assume that I'm doing something wrong in the way I'm calling stop_service, but I'm not sure what. Could anyone give me any pointers around how to correctly go about it?

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Okay, I think I have found the solution. If I replace the original code with

rescue Interrupt

The Ctrl-C works and stops the service.

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DRb.thread.join makes the calling thread wait for DRb execution thread to end. If you want to catch INT signal I'd rather go with the following code instead.

$execute = true

Signal.trap("INT") { $execute = false }
while $execute
  sleep 1

Note that there is no DRb.thread.join in this case. Also catching the signal is the preferred way instead of rescuing the Interrupt exception.

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