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I am working with SSRS 2008 and I need some help how I should approach this.

My requirement is that I need to create an SSRS report that I need to pull from 2 different databases in different servers in order to show the result. Database1 has a unique id that I can use to query on database2 which contain more details.

I am not sure if subreport would do the trick.

I do not have a linked server and is there a way I can pull the information from different database servers and join them?


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Same as stackoverflow.com/questions/5411151/ssrs-muliple-data-sources and others, I think? –  Jamie F Mar 28 '11 at 19:38

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Your easiest way would probably be to use OPENROWSET. This allows you to pull in data from another location and treat it as a table.

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This can be done using Look Up and Multi-Look Up functions.

It works for me.

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i haven't played a lot with 2008, so i'll tell you how i'd do it in 2005.

create 2 data sources, for for each server/database. create two data sets. drop a table on your report and set it to whatever your parent data set will be. then drop a table inside the first table and set the data set to the child data set. i don't have time to figure out the details from here, but you should be able to figure something out.

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