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You using "Format Document" command (ie: Ctrl-k, Ctrl-d) in Visual Studio 2010, the final result is a document where all of my tabs are swapped with spaces.

All that happen althought I have set Tools-Options-Text Editor-C#-Tabs to :

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Do you have ReSharper installed? Because the ReSharper options override the Visual Studio settings on that one. –  Sergi Papaseit Mar 28 '11 at 15:10

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I found my bug.

It was with all my XAML file that I had my problems. I just realised that there is 2 differents way to fix my bug:

  • Set the "Tabs" option for general document (if you haven't modify the XAML "Tabs" option).
  • Set the "Tabs" options directly in the XAML option section.

Thanks Eric

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