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Reading the Android documentation and some of the answers here have left it ambiguous how clearTaskOnLaunch is supposed to work. Specifically

1) How is the root activity identified? Is it simply the one with the DEFAULT, LAUNCHER or MAIN intent filters?

2) Launching from "home screen" in the documentation means the OS home screen or applications list, correct? I.e. from not within an application.

3) Does clearTaskOnLaunch clear the activity stack whenever that activity is launched from the home screen, or just when that activity's process is started from the home screen? Because the docs indicate the former, but posts here indicate the latter. I guess this depends on what the definition of "launch" is.

EDIT: 4) Does "clearing" the activity stack mean literally erasing it, or having the activities cycle through onCreate() and finish()?

I've manipulated clearTaskOnLaunch in every way imaginable with absolutely no effect. I've placed it in my root activity in the manifest, then placed it in EVERY activity just to be sure, restarted my application after killing the process entirely, etc. My activity stack is simply not being cleared.

Can anyone offer a complete overview on how to implement clearTaskOnLaunch?

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Here's a complete response from an Android engineer on Groups:

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