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I have a routes defined in CamelRoutes.xml and I would like to test them by using the wrapping technique described at the bottom of

My CamelRoutes.xml

 <route autoStartup="true"  xmlns="">
        <from uri="direct:start"/>
        <to uri="direct:end"/>

So I created CamelRoutesTest.xml containing:

<import resource="CamelRoutes.xml"/>
<bean id="mockAllEndpoints" class="org.apache.camel.impl.InterceptSendToMockEndpointStrategy"/>

but I am not sure how to create a test that both loads the spring xml AND provides access to the mock endpoints.

If I use..

@ContextConfiguration( locations=("/CamelRoutesTest"))
public class CamelTest extends AbstractJUnit38SpringContextTests


then I have no idea how to get the mock endpoints

If I use..

public class CamelTest extends CamelTestSupport


then I dont know how to load my camel context..

I can't seem to find an example test on the website that uses CamelTestSupport AND loads routes from spring xml.

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Tom you already posted this on the Camel mailing list. I suggest that you write this when you post a Q here as well.

The answer is already posted here

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I normally update my question here if/when I get an answer elsewhere. At the moment I'm still lacking a decent example of how to properly mock my route so that my test's don't hit external systems. –  Tom Mar 29 '11 at 7:53
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Solved using:

public class CamelTest extends CamelSpringTestSupport {  

    protected AbstractXmlApplicationContext createApplicationContext() {
        return new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext("/CamelRoutesTest.xml");

    public void discover() throws Exception {


        template.sendBody("", FileUtils.slurpClassPathFile("/samples/"));



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Thanks for this solution, @Tom !

I also had a hard time getting Camel to work with my Spring-powered JUnit tests, problem is the suggested CamelSpringJUnit4ClassRunner has now moved from camel-spring.jar to a separate module, camel-spring-test.jar, which is not available in the standard camel-distribution as of 2.9.2.

So I cannot use @RunWith but had to resort to the manual method described in the solution...

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