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I get the following error

[ImageError - Reason: FLASH_HAS_RANDOM_NUM, Field Path = operations[0].operand.ad.image.data]

Any ideas what that means?

The only random call I have is to get a random 360 angle for a set of particles, and the code is at the end of a movieclip within other movieclips


UPDATE: I am using Flash CS3 and the banner settings are: Flash 8 and AS2,

The code for the random bit is this._rotation = Math.random() * 360;

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Haven't met this error. Is it AS3 you are doing or AS2? Are you using the Flash IDE or something else? Can you put your code here? –  heartcode Mar 28 '11 at 16:18
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It is an error generated by Google Ads, certainly to prevent the banner from having an unpredictable behavior. Thus you can't use Math.random() in a banner...

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