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Do per minute quotas apply to Google App Engine MapReduce in the same way as they would apply to any non-MapReduce program that simply uses task queues for parallelism or is MapReduce a special kind of implementation of parallelism? Link to per minute quotas

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Per-minute quotas no longer exist (please do file a docs bug for that section!), though shorter-than-24-hour quotas do still apply. As @systempuntoout says, the same quotas apply to mapreduces as everything else - they're just ordinary task queue tasks.

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They're both good answers but to hear that "they're just ordinary task queues" takes some uncertainty out of the issue. – H2ONaCl Mar 29 '11 at 5:23

MapReduce is not a special kind of implementation of parallelism; it's a fancy and useful framework that, using different Google App Engine APIs like Datastore, Taskqueue and Memcache, implements MapReduce-style computations on GAE.

When you run MapReduce jobs, you have the same constraint/quota of any other non-MapReduce tasks; the quota manager framework module helps the mapper to rate limit the execution avoiding to run over quota.

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