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I have a build in TFS 2008 that gets triggered for every check-in, and what I need is following

  • If the source code checkedin by the developers has any errors, then the code changes should not be checked in
  • If any of the tests fails in the test project, then the code changes should not be checked in
  • If the build script fails for ny reason then then the code changes should not be checked in

I have the following queries

  1. Does the Buddybuild solves this problem?
  2. I run some unit tests as part of my build script (standard way), however when the unit tests fails, the buddy build still checkin the code ? How can i make sure that the checkins are not applied when the test fails or if the build fails for any reason? Is there a variable that I can set to make sure that the buddy build does not checkin the code? After looking at the buddy build targets file, it seems like setting $(CheckInOnBuddyBuildSuccess) to false would do it ? Is this the correct approach?



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