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I am developing an application that is able to open and display PDFs after I open them and print them to another PDF using CutePDF, but the originals are not viewable.

I am looking for a way to programmatically open a PDF file, and print to another PDF file (not necessarily using CutePDF, just printing to another PDF is the desired functionality).

This will be integrated into a C# .NET project. Are there any suggestions how to go about doing this?


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possible duplicate of Print existing PDF (or other files) in C# – Kate Gregory Mar 28 '11 at 18:13
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You could use Office Interop and generate the PDF, when you say "print to another pdf", I imagine you mean just generate? Or are you saying spool them to a pdf print driver that essentially will just create a PDF to be saved.

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Use iText, which is available in Java and C# versions. I have used the Java version successfully. I recommend the iText in Action book to help you get up to speed with iText faster. The book discusses only the Java API, but I imagine you will be able to learn the principles of iText from the book and then figure out the minor differences for the C# version.

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