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In the following code, does the underlying code contain a hard reference to the unnamed variable instance of type Foo, or is the item vulnerable to garbage collection?

using(new Foo())
    // Something done here.

The collected item is just a semaphore type object that performs some reference counting on resources so it isn't being referenced in the code block.

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The using block disposes the object at the end of the block. Ergo, there must be a reference for it to dispose. – SLaks Mar 28 '11 at 18:23

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The using clause creates a hidden locally-scoped variable holding the object (this variable is used by the generated finally clause).

This variable prevents the object from being GC'd.

You can see this variable in the spec.

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using(new Foo())

this anonymous instance of Foo will go out of scope after the using block and may be garbage collected then.

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