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I've switched to PHP 5.3 and the namespaces. It seems like the @package tag is redundant and useless now.

Is it still required by phpDoc, or can I ignore this tag now ?


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Not it is not required.

Latest doc now states that @package should be avoided if you use namespace and you don't need a different structure for documentation:

If, across the board, both logical and functional subdivisions are equal is it NOT RECOMMENDED to use the @package tag, to prevent maintenance overhead.


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Hey, that's a good response for an old question! thanks ;) –  Matthieu Napoli Feb 24 at 2:51

@package is not related to namespaces but to organizing the resulting documentation.

Packages are used to help you logically group related elements. phpDoc manual


Is there any replacement for PHPDocumentor that supports PHP 5.3?

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How is "logically group related elements" different from namespaces ? I mean if that was up to me, I'd like my documentation grouped by namespaces now. What i'm wondering is : does the @package tag adds something more than namespaces ? (well except that for now it's the only way to organise the generated documentation) –  Matthieu Napoli Mar 28 '11 at 19:35
@package simply has nothing todo with namespaces. namespace organize the code, @package organizes the doc. and they do that in completely independent and different ways. See edit for link. –  Raffael Mar 28 '11 at 19:38

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