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I'm working for a while with silverlight and MVVM (in its simplest form, it's to say hand-made), but I barely understand what is an event aggregator (and how to make an implementation of this).

What is hidding behind this name? Can someone explain this quickly (or post a link?).

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An event aggregator is generally a broker object that you can take a reference to and specify what type of events you want to receive, without having to take a reference or even be aware of the objects generating the events.

Prism's EventAggregator is the most common one. See:

It describes itself as:

The EventAggregator service is primarily a container for events that allow decoupling of publishers and subscribers so they can evolve independently. This decoupling is useful in modularized applications because new modules can be added that respond to events defined by the shell or, more likely, other modules.

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Karl Shifflett from Microsoft's patterns and practices team also has a pretty good video on Prism's Event Aggregator explaining some of the concepts mentioned by @rrhartjr above. – Kendrick Jul 9 '11 at 21:45

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