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I'd like to find a web part that can display items from a SharePoint list, and also have the option to only show a summary of the content of a field along with a link to display the complete text.

It doesn't have to be free.

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Looks like you are looking for consulting options heh? – ukhardy Mar 28 '11 at 20:27

You can create your own web part; something similar to out of the box List viewer web part.

  1. In your CreateChildControls() method define some grid columns;
  2. Create data sources and get data from different lists for these columns.
  3. Use SPMenuField, following methods will be useful:

SPMenuField.NavigateUrlFields SPMenuField.NavigateUrlFormat SPMenuField.TokenNameAndValueFields

To quote from MSDN blogs: SPMenuField "serves two purposes - it configures the hyperlink you follow if you click on the item directly and, optionally, links to a snazzy dropdown menu."

Follow the complete article here: SPGridView and SPMenuField: Displaying custom data through SharePoint lists.

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Yes, that is actually the plan. However my employer feels more comfortable if we buy one already developed. Weird, I know. – omar Mar 28 '11 at 21:44

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