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I have a winform datagridview which contains a column of buttons. I'd like to disable tooltips for that column only -- tooltips should still show up for other columns. I find tooltips get in the way of clicking the button -- when one clicks on the tooltip, the click event doesn't percolate down to the button. Very annoying.

I've tried handling the CellTooltipNeeded event and return null or empty string for that column, but then the tooltip just reverts to showing the button text in the tooltip. I've also tried setting the Column.ToolTipText to empty string, and that correctly hides the column header's tooltip, but all the other rows' tooltip still shows up.

What's the best way to disable tooltips for an entire column?

Thanks Jimmy

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Does setting it to a space get you where you want? Otherwise, try a dot or something really tiny.

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Interesting work-around :) It doesn't get me all the way, as a tooltip still shows up... but it's better than having the full button text. –  Jimmy Mar 29 '11 at 1:21

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