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Can someone point me to a list of xcode terms that are available for use in xcode user scripts?

Example scripts begin with the line:

using terms from application "Xcode"

-which implies there are a set of terms that are relevant to xcode.

My googling hasn't turned anything up.

Thanks, Adam.

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Any time you see tell whatever or using terms from application whatever, look for whatever.sdef for documentation of the terms it understands. /Applications/Utilities/AppleScript will even help you with this (File > Open Dictionary).

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Open AppleScript Editor and select Window->Library. This will display a list of Applications. Double-click an Application in this list to open up it's AppleScript API.

If the Application you want (XCode in this case) isn't in the Library Window, press the '+' icon at the top and tell the library where XCode lives. This should make XCode appear in the list.

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Great tip!!! Thanks! – orange80 Mar 14 '12 at 1:16

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