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I've been working on learning python (mostly 3.1) for the last month or two. I'm currently working on a multiplayer network enabled boardgame (Spacehulk if anyone cares) as a learning exercise and to play with my friends.

But I feel like I'm banging my head against a wall trying to find a graphics package that meets my needs. Tkinter is available for 3.1 but I find myself needing functions from PIL, which isn't. I've been trying to get Pygame working in 3.1 (I found a guide to) but i've been having trouble getting all the dependencies together.

So, advice? Should I just give up on 3.1 and work in 2.7? Anyone have a suggestion for a more robust but not too advanced graphics package for 3.1?


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Downgrading to Python 2.7 seems to be a good option: many libraries are still not available on Python 3.

Pythonbrew can help you manage those two Python versions.

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