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I got a view subclass with the following drawRect: method:

- (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect {

    [myBackgroundImage drawInRect:rect];

    ... // more, complex drawing such as strings, lines, etc.

I want to animate a background image transition to another background image, while the rest of the view drawn above the background image remains the same. How would I do that? Will I need an additional CALayer?

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It looks like you might use multiple layers: one for each background and another for the rest in the foreground. So that you can apply animations and transformations on each layer separately. This is a solution that I have been succesfully using in Flex with Sprites: organized a display list using separated graphical objects layered one above another and moving/rotating/fading and whatever applied to any of them.

As a design principle it should work in all graphical environments including iOS.

The one thing to take into account: transformations applied on the superlayer of the children layers affect all sublayers at once.

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