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without having to write a shell script, I'm wondering if there's a way to list files based on a match to more than one criteria?

I know I can do:

ls ./files/ | grep samp

to get a list of all files that contain "samp" in the filename... But, is there a way to say, "list all of the files that match "samp" or "examp"?

I already figured out that

ls ./files/ | grep samp examp 

doesn't work...

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Use find - it's much more powerful for doing this kind of thing, e.g.:

find ./files -name \*samp\* -o -name \*examp\*
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ls ./files/ | grep -esamp -eexamp 
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You can use |:

ls ./files/ | grep -E 'samp|examp'

The -E is to allow the use of extended (modern) regular expressions. If your version of grep doesn't support that behaviour, you'll need to escape the |:

ls ./file/ | grep 'samp\|examp'
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You can use the find command.

find ./files -name \*samp\* -o -name \*examp\*

The -o means "or". You can use -iname instead of -name for case-insensitive matching.

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