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I sent english files to my client to be translated into korean. The files I sent had the following structure:

    title: "Manage Account"
    post_new_resume: "Post New Resume"

I tried to view the files in Textmate, and with UTF8 encoding, the files I got back look something this:

    title: "��d ��"
    post_new_resume: "�̷¼� ���"

Basically gibberish. I also looked at the official translation files of rails from the I18n repository on github in UTF8 encoding and they actually show korean.

    byte: "바이트"
    kb: "킬로바이트"
    mb: "메가바이트"

I'm guessing that the files got damaged when the client sent them over (perhaps he saved them with the wrong encoding). My question is, what can I do to fix them?


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Can you File => "Re-Open With Encoding" as UTF-8 in textmate?

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that's exactly what I did. The product of that encoding is seen in my excerpt above (the gibberish one) –  yuval Mar 28 '11 at 20:31
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Ended up using the iconv to solve the problem. First, require it:

require 'iconv'

Then, write a method like this:

  def self.korean_to_utf(text)
    Iconv.iconv('UTF-8//IGNORE','euc-kr', text).join

Then use that as needed :)

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