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Part of my android app's functionality it to place a script I have written in init.d, so that it will be executed on every startup. (obviously my app is for root users only)

Here's what I am doing:

    busybox mount -o rw,remount /system"
    busybox cp -f /sdcard/*******/script /system/etc/init.d/script
    busybox chmod +x /etc/init.d/script
    update-rc.d script 99

The "update-rc.d script 99" line is where I run into trouble, it fails with an "update-rc.d not found" error.

Does anyone know what the proper command would be to make this work in Android??

I realize that this isn't exactly the most appropriate place to post this question, but I have come realize that this community is extremely knowledgeable on these matters.

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Add something like this to your init.rc

service script /system/etc/init.d/script

There's no update-rc.d in Android because there's no SYSV init either.

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