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I'm developing an iOS FB connect app and trying to build a JSON object and POST it to the Graph API endpoint at https://graph.facebook.com.

In the FB documentation (as it would be in PHP) it's like that:


–F ‘access_token=…’ \
-F ‘batch=[ \
        {“method”: ”GET”, “relative_url”: ”me”}, \
        {“method”: ”GET”, “relative_url”: ”me/friends?limit=50”} \

The FB connect API generates POST http requests for data objects but I haven't succeeded making the right request...

Help please :)

Thank you!

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though this is not an answer to your question, I'll suggest to learn three20 documentation because it is probably the best library for working with facebook (and other web services) at the moment.

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Thanks, I know three20 a bit, is there any option there of sending FB Graph API requests? or more then that, Batch requests? Tnx! –  Assaf b Mar 28 '11 at 21:43

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