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I would like to load the entire project history since its inception into Sonar.

I would basically want to execute code like this:

0) checkout version 1 from Subversion
1) checkout next version from Subversion
2) if the commit date is from the same day as the previous one - goto 1
3) run mvn sonar:sonar, overriding the build time with the time of the commit
4) if not on last commit - goto 1

Is there a tool that does this already? Is there a way of convincing Sonar to use a different date than the current one?

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I have the same question and I'm very interested about a script with the "sonar.projectDate". Did you write this script ? Thanks in advance –  Pith May 21 '12 at 7:38

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This is from the Mailing Lists:

Indeed, to import historical data you must use the "sonar.projectDate" property (Format is yyyy-MM-dd, for example 2010-12-25) [1] and launch a Sonar analysis on each tag/branch that you'd like to see in your project history.


There is an additional Blogpost that explains this further.

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Broken link! :-/ –  Peteter Sep 27 '13 at 8:38

I was just searching for this exact same thing and found a handy bash script in GitHub:


The script does a checkout of each tag (beginning from a specific tag given as a parameter), sets the tag date as sonar.projectDate and runs sonar analysis on it. Very handy. I think I might have to modify it a little bit since we don't have that much tags in the repo, maybe do a weekly analysis or something.

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Python tool to load a snapshot for every month/week since a given date.


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