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Simple question I hope.

If I have a set of data like this:

Classification  attribute-1  attribute-2

Correct         dog          dog 
Correct         dog          dog
Wrong           dog          cat 
Correct         cat          cat
Wrong           cat          dog
Wrong           cat          dog

Then what is the information gain of attribute-2 relative to attribute-1?

I've computed the entropy of the whole data set: -(3/6)log2(3/6)-(3/6)log2(3/6)=1

Then I'm stuck! I think you need to calculate entropies of attribute-1 and attribute-2 too? Then use these three calculations in an information gain calculation?

Any help would be great,

Thank you :).

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Well first you have to calculate the entropy for each of the attributes. After that you calculate the information gain. Just give me a moment and I'll show how it should be done.

for attribute-1



Value for attribute-1:


Gain for attribute-1:


And you have to do the same for the next attribute.

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