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I have looked around at the libxml2 code samples and I am confused on how to piece them all together.

What are the steps needed when using libxml2 to just parse or extract data from an XML file?

I would like to get hold of, and possibly store information for, certain attributes. How is this done?

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I believe you first need to create a Parse tree. Maybe this article can help, look through the section which says How to Parse a Tree with Libxml2.

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I would have found this useful the other day, but as it goes I had code to work from and search engine. As far as I've worked it out, you'll also want to read the documentation for the xmlGetProp function which will give the values for the properties of a node, ie <node property="value"/>. –  James Morris Mar 29 '11 at 0:50
Thanks James, I will have a look. –  Helium3 Mar 29 '11 at 0:56

I found these two resources helpful when I was learning to use libxml2 to build a rss feed parser.

Tutorial with SAX interface

Tutorial using the DOM Tree (code example for getting an attribute value included)

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libxml2 provides various examples showing basic usage.


For your stated goals, tree1.c would probably be most relevant.

tree1.c: Navigates a tree to print element names

Parse a file to a tree, use xmlDocGetRootElement() to get the root element, then walk the document and print all the element name in document order.


Once you have an xmlNode struct for an element, the "properties" member is a linked list of attributes. Each xmlAttr object has a "name" and "children" object (which are the name/value for that attribute, respectively), and a "next" member which points to the next attribute (or null for the last one).



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Thanks for this. So once I have got all the elements, how can I get to their attributes? –  Helium3 Mar 30 '11 at 13:27

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