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i have a text file with this sample data

abduct test|1
chip test|2
hatter test|3
evil test|4

i would like to know how i could loop through it to find a user and remove that line.

this is what i have so far

Public Sub RemoveMember(member As String)
Dim u As String, strdata() As String

Open (App.Path & "\Membership.txt") For input As #1

    input #1, u

    strdata = Split(u, "|")

    If strdata(0) = member Then
        'figure out a way to remove this line from the text file'
    End If

    Loop Until EOF(1)

Close #1
End Sub

thanks for any help :3

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I would say:

  • Read in the lines one by one
  • Check if the line contains the member to be deleted
  • Write back the line to a new file if it does not
  • After reading all the lines delete the original file
  • Rename the new file to the original file

Stefan's method is probably faster but will use a lot of memory if the file grows very large.

I am not familiar wityh VB's native file method. Using FileSystemObject (reference Microsoft Scripting Host) you wil get:

Dim clsOriginalFile as TextStream
Dim clsNewFile as TextStream
Dim FSO as New FileSystemObject
Dim varLine as Variant
Dim strLine as String

set clsOriginalFile=FSO.OpenTextFile "members.txt", ForReading
set clsNewFile =FSO.OpentTextFile "temp.txt", ForWriting, True

Do While Not clsOriginalFile.AtEndOfStream
    varLine = clsOriginalFile.ReadLine
    If instr(strLine,member)=0 Then
        clsNewFile.WriteLine strLine
    End If



Written without the help of the IDE, so there may a few typos in the code.

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