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Has anyone been successful in getting draw-line working using MIT-scheme?


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The key words are:

For instance, suppose we have a procedure draw-line that draws a line on the screen between two specified points.

In other words, there is no draw-line -- it's purely hypothetical.

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I found that section of the book very frustrating. There is no draw-line. It's just that IF it existed, what should you do. A terrible way to teach coding IMO. A student needs to see something concrete at the end that either runs or doesn't.

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I finished this painter assignment for one of my classes. For 2.47, you don't need to worry about draw-line really. All you need to do is make the constructors and selectors:

(define (make-frame origin edge1 edge2)
(list origin edge1 edge2))

(define (origin-frame frame)
(car frame))

(define (edge1-frame frame)
(cadr frame))

(define (edge2-frame frame)
(caddr frame))
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