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I want to reverse a string, then I want to reverse each word in it. I was able to reverse the string. But couldn't reverse words in it.

Given Str = "how are you" Expected Result = "you are how"

My code var my_str="how are you"; alert(my_str.split('').reverse().join(''));

Result I get: uoy era woh

How to get the final result??

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the other answers are entirely correct if your string has only 1 space between words.

if you have multiple spaces between words, then things are a bit different: to get just the words, in reverse order, rejoined by 1 space:

str.split(/\s+/).reverse().join(" ")

to reverse the entire string, and still have the original whitespace:


the first one uses a regex, "/\s+/", to match an entire run of spaces, instead of a single space. it rejoins the words with a single space.

the second one uses a regex, "/\b/", to just split on the boundaries between words and non-words. since the runs of spaces will be preserved, it just rejoins with an empty string.

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This is the most production-worthy solution. +1 –  karim79 Mar 29 '11 at 0:02
+1 for the "keep the original whitespace" version –  太極者無極而生 Jun 23 '13 at 17:19

I think you've got an empty string in there: my_str.split('')

Make sure you put a space: my_str.split(' ')

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The problem is you are splitting with the empty string instead of the space character. Try this:

var str = "how are you";
alert(str.split(" ").reverse().join(" "));

Try it here.

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