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First I should say I'm very new to php and linux admin.

For a previous site zend we installed on our production machine. We've decided to move off of zend and use codeigniter. However, once I pushed the site to production from local for testing I am getting errors stating that:

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'codeigniter/application/models/vo/navItemVO.php' (include_path='.:/var/www/html/ZendFramework-1.5.2/library') in /var/www/html/staging/echo/website/codeigniter/application/models/wordpresshook_model.php on line 9

I am assuming that the server is going to Zend to call it's functions vs going to codeigniter. Is there anyway to disable or turn off Zend in .htaccess. I see blog entries or disabling the optimizer "php_value zend_optimizer.optimization_level= 0" but this doesn't seem to be working.

I'm open to any other options, but I can't turn this off at the root level in php.ini

Thanks in advance!!!! Lori-

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I don't really know CI but it looks like you need to configure your include path to the CI library files.

You can configure this server wide in the php.ini file or set it in your application's bootstrap / startup script using something like

set_include_path(implode(PATH_SEPARATOR, array(
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Thanks!! Of course after spending HOURS! HOURS!! I say i figured this out and of course it was something so simple. Your are totally right. I just needed to update the include_path to point to the right directory... –  Lori Mar 29 '11 at 3:27

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