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I'm doing a workaround to a complex problem and it requires me to do it the way I am doing it.

I'm testing for the presence of a certain class - intra-field-label. The elements will have multiple classes. How can I do this?

arn: {
    required: function(element) {
        return //element #arn has no class 'intra-field-label' means TRUE
ann: {
    required: function(element) {
        return //element #ann has no class 'intra-field-label' means TRUE

The fields both have the name and id "arn" and "ann", respectively.


I found that the text input has a class called "intra-field-label" when there is the label present (indicating that the user has not input anything). Perhaps I can test for the presence? I don't believe .val() will work here.

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You need to change them to return ($("#arn").val() != "Enter the Retailer Name"); and return ($("#ann").val() != "Enter Your Name"); for it to treat them like proper conditionals.

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I tried that, still doesn't work. – AKor Mar 29 '11 at 3:24

If you just want to test whether the element has the intra-field-label class or not:

return $(element).hasClass('intra-field-label');
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