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I have created a static library for my application. Now, my application uses sources like plists & images which I am referring in my application.

How can I bundle those images and deliver them with the static library and also what changes do I need to do in my source loading code to load it from that bundle.

Right now I using [UIImage imageNamed:"my.png"] to load the image.

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A library cannot have "resources". A library will just provide some algorithm or logic to get the things done. So you cannot include any resources with in your library. Along with your library, you have to distribute the resources also. Or else the app that is using the library must have the resources with the same name that you hard coded.

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Thats true. How to create a resource bundle. Any idea? –  Abhinav Mar 29 '11 at 18:02
No idea. I never came across such a typical scenario. –  Satyam Mar 30 '11 at 7:48

That is exactly the reason to create a Framework - in a Framework you have:

  • A static library (with binaries for simulator and phone melded together)
  • Include files a user of the framework needs
  • Resources the framework needs, which can be anything including .plist files, images or xib.

Start here:


Basically if you add onto that script and create a Resources directory similar to the way they create the Headers directory, they will be included when you use that framework.

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