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We have InDesign files created and now we would like to populate the database with content available in InDesign file.

Is there an SDK to read InDesign files content and populate it to database?

Or Please suggest the best approach to get database populated from InDesign?

I know there is an XML export from InDesign files and then that can be imported to DB... but this process has lot of manual work to tie-up relationships between the content in InDesign file.

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You can program the InDesign scripting API using VBScript or VB6 or VBA or VB.NET and ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) to write to a database.

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Scripting would be the way to go. You can download documentation/SDKs/tutorials straight from Adobe to get started:


Hope this helps!

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You can export to XML but importing to a database would depend on the structure of the data. Databases are pretty stupid. They want all the data in order by field name. If you have regularized data, such as first,last,phone/first,last,phone/ the db won't have a problem. If the data doesn't follow a pattern, you'll have to use scripting.

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