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I am new to programming. Please suggest me whether I can use photoshop dll's to make an application which provides features like photoshop i.e. Image editing features. Also, please suggest me which dll's are required? Does it require any extra plugin dll ?

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First of all, you simply can't do this. Secondly, I have a feeling that you won't get a license from Adobe that allows you to do this. –  Karl-Johan Sjögren Feb 15 '13 at 5:30

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This is not possible, photoshop is not delivered nor intended to be embedable.

Perhaps look into paint.net, which is open source and written in managed code.

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Adobe Fireworks is designed for websites, where as Photoshop is designed for..photos. Something to bear in mind!

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Despite the name, photoshop's great for image manipulation - regardless of how those images were first created/captured. –  Strawberry Apr 20 '13 at 6:02

Are you wanting to provide a way for users to edit there own images via your website? If so, I think what you are asking about is adding a plugin to your website. There are hundreds out there, from free to very pricey. here is another thread about that kind of plugin: Javascript image editing plugin

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